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Sailing ships and 19th century immigration

The Long Farewell by Don Charlwood ( 5th edition, 2015)

This new edition of The Long Farewell returns to the format and illustrations of the 1981 first edition. The author read more than 120 diaries kept by immigrants on the long sailing ship voyages to Australia, and numerous letters the settlers wrote home. He tells about the reasons for emigration, the ships and the routes to Australia, accommodation on board, the perils of the journey, surgeons and health, messing and dining, pastimes and consolations, the crew and the new shore.

The Long Farewell also includes three diaries of settlers on the voyage to their new land. The book is superbly illustrated with many photos, drawings and maps.

Winner of the NSW Premier's Literary Awards' Ethnic Affairs Commission Award in 1982.

Paperback, 310 pages, many photographs and illustrations (B&W), preface, comprehensive index, three shipboard diaries. AUD $29.95 plus freight.


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Wrecks and Reputationsthe Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard
by Don Charlwood
4th edition, 2016)

A new expanded edition of the most thoroughly researched account of the wrecks of two sailing ships on the Victorian (Australia) coast – the Loch Ard in 1878, and the Schomberg in 1855. All but two of the souls aboard the Loch Ard were lost. The book tells of the miraculous rescue of passenger Eva Carmichael by ship’s apprentice Tom Pearce, and of the aftermath of this dramatic shipwreck.

The Schomberg – the finest clipper Britain built – was lost, with no loss of life, by the famous Captain 'Bully' Forbes on the ship’s maiden voyage. The author is a descendant of one of the Schomberg’s passengers.

Paperback, 158 pages; 12 pages of colour photographs; author's note, appendices, index. AUD $29.95 plus freight.


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The Loch Ard Story Audio CD, text written by Don Charlwood (1st edition recording 2008)

This CD tells in vivid detail, the story of the wreck of the famous Loch Ard : how the wreck occurred, the ordeal and rescue of the two survivors, and the aftermath of the wreck. 

Also included are reminiscences by the grandson of Eva Carmichael she was the only passenger to surviveabout his grandmother; and a new recording of music written in 1878 in honour of Tom Pearce, the only member of the Loch Ard’s crew to survive the disaster. 

The CD is an excellent companion piece to Burgewood Books’ Settlers Under Sail and Wrecks and Reputations.

Audio CD. 30 minute program. AUD $9.95 plus freight.



Settlers Under Sail by Don Charlwood (4th edition reprint & redesign 2011)

Commissioned by the Victorian (Australia) Government's History Advisory Council to commemorate, in 1978, the centenary of the wreck of the Loch Ard, this book celebrates the era of sailing ship immigration to Australia and tells the story of the famous Loch Ard. It contains many fascinating photos and sketches.

Paperback, 49 pages, many photographs and illustrations (colour and B&W). AUD $16.95 plus freight.


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The 1863 Shipboard Diary of Edward Charlwood from England to Australia (2003)

This beautiful book is a facsimile reproduction of the elegantly handwritten diary of 27-year-old Edward, accompanying his bride to her new land. It is an entertaining and informative account of their voyage onboard the Suffolk – a voyage similar to that taken by the many immigrants of the sailing ship era.

Paperback, 42 pages, colour facsimile of original handwritten diary. AUD $9.95 plus freight.


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The Wreck of the Sailing Ship Netherby A Miracle of Survival by Don Charlwood (2nd edition 2012)

The Wreck of the Sailing Ship Netherby is the story of an 1866 shipwreck on the western coast of King Island, in southern Australia. It tells of a near miracle, vividly related by three different participants. Here was a ship with 413 emigrant passengers and a crew of 38, impaled by night on serrated reefs not far from the 1845 remains of the Cataraqui. The Cataraqui had lost 400 lives. The senior officers of the Netherby were instrumental in saving the lives of all those aboard their vessel, plus a baby born on the island to one of the rescued passengers!

Paperback 56 pages; Notes for the new edition; Foreword; Appendices including updated passenger list; Photographs and maps (B&W, and colour). AUD $16.95 plus freight.


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Poor Souls, They Perishedthe Cataraqui, Australia's Worst Shipwreck by Andrew Lemon and Marjorie Morgan (new 2014 edition now available)

Australia's worst civil disaster – a sailing ship stranded only 150 yards off the deserted shore of King Island, isolated by rows of reefs; victims clinging, for up to two days, to the disintegrating vessel. The story of the horrific 1845 shipwreck 400 died; nine were miraculously rescued.

Winner of the Fellowship of Australian Writers Wilke Award, 1986, for an Australian book of non-fiction.

The new edition, published by Burgewood Books, has been redesigned and has a new cover and preface.
AUD $29.95 plus freight.

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